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New Years Day Frost Bite Ride

Warning!  This contains images that some viewers might find disturbing.  Viewer discresion is advised.  Intended for mature audiences..."mature" takes on a double meaning with this crowd.

2013 Frost Bite Ride.....Commentary by JB.

The 2014 Frostbite Ride @ Paul's House in Inman,SC. hosted by he and his entire family, Was Awesome! As it always is, But for those who where there or who have ever been this is no real news flash,So here's my story about today.


I just returned from another great day of riding 155.2 miles round trip for me. It started like this:.. It was 29 degress when I looked at the weather channel's thermometer before going out of my warm house and out to my somewhat colder shop to kickstart my 1977 FLH affectionately known as "Dixie" ,that is when she starts I mean. But after kicking for 35 minutes changing spark plugs and using a little cold start fluid all I got was a spit and sputter. After a few choice words not found in webster's dictionary I decided to climb aboard my 2000 Electra Glide Classic, the outside temperature was now 31 but It felt much warmer, after my workout. Being on the late model had it's advantages, I was not confined to the back roads and I hit the interstate at the Blacksburg exit and rolled the throttle up to 80 and held it there til I hit the Inman exit. A quick call to Paul while at the gas stop to confirm my directions and I was on my way, Sure I've been toPaul's at least three times but it's only once a year and I have CRS a memory condition we all seem to get as we get.... well you know what I mean. When I arrived there were a few riders their, but the bulk of what was to come had not yet arrived. I saw some of Paul's new projects and was in awe of what he seems to collect and seem to find time to put together. At 1:05 Paul rang the "Big Bell" and made this announcement, "Well it's not time to eat but it's time to ride!" So we all got our gear on and rolled out with Paul leading the way on His 1947 knucklehead with side car, most of the antiques were up front but not all there were a few others scattered throughout the pack of our 29 total machines. It was a short but very pleasurable ride through the countryside, we didn't have any visitation stop as we have had in years past, and soon we were turning the corner back into Paul's driveway. We had a quick group photo and a blessing of the food and we then we were lead to what can only be described as a feast! Paul told me that and I quote, "I thinks this was about the 12th year that we've been doing this, It's the one thing you can count on happening ever year, Rain or shine everybody gets new years day off and even if it rains we still just make a fire and eat like little pigs!"  Thanks again to Paul and his generous family and network of friends that make this a must attend event for me! Oh and thanks to "Pete Hill" for the donation for the longest rider award, A autographed tee shirt signed by none other than the Hall of Fame legend himself. It will adorn the wall of my shop with pride! Since I have won this award three times now I will be offering up my coveted snow globe or one just like it to next years winner, One catch tho. You have to do it on a "Antique" bike and ride on your antique more than 70 miles one way. I say 70 miles because you can be sure I won't miss this event. So until next year or next week I'll see ya out there on the highways and byways where life begins at 3500 rpms.



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