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The Blue Ridge Chapter of the AMCA is located throughout North Carolina and northern parts of South Carolina. You do not need to own an antique motorcycle to join, just the passion for old motorcycles is enough whether they are domestic or foreign. They all have their place in history and need to be preserved for the next generation.


To join the Blue Ridge Chapter you will need a membership in the AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America). An application to the AMCA can be found on their website (


After obtaining a membership to the AMCA you will need to fill out a membership application to the Blue Ridge Chapter. Meetings are posted on the "Calendar of Events" page. Feel free to contact any of the people listed on the "Chapter Contacts" page for more information regarding the Blueridge Chapter and becoming a member.


Mail Membership Dues and Application To:

Larry Offill III

408 Stratford Road

Asheville, NC  28804


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