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2016 National Road Run - "Run To The Hills" - Ashevile, NC  September 25th - 28th

Road Run Routes

Register For Road Run

Register For Road Run


The Road Run is from Sunday September 25th checking out Thrusday September 29th.


You may either register through the electronic link with a credit card or by downloading the registration form and mailing the form along with cash/check payment.


Cut off for registration will be August 15th, 2016 or at 240 total participants.  Registration may be extended a couple weeks should we have more spots available. 


There is a 48 hour cancelation policy on the hotel room.  There is a two week cancellation policy for Road Run refunds.


Do NOT show up unregistered.  There will NOT be a spot for you.


Also please download the general information, rules and guidelines so there are no missunderstandings. 


Main rules that we all must adhear to:


  • You must be a current AMCA National Member to register and participate.

  • Proof of valid state registration and insurance will be verified on Sunday, September 25th 2016 at registration for EACH motorcycle that you will ride or even think you may ride over the entire three day event.  No exceptions.

  • Every participant, rider, passenger and guest must appear at registration Sunday and sign a Release and recieve a wrist band.  No exceptions.

  • North Carolina is a helmut and headlight state.  Do come without your bash hat.

Electronic Registration


Use the following link for online registration credit card payment.




Or go to 

Under the "EVENTS" tab there is a "Road Run Pre-Registration Tab




Snail Mail Registration


Use the following link to download the registration form and mail in payment




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General Information and Rules


Use the following link to download the General Infomation and Rules & Requirements document.






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