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2016 National Road Run - "Run To The Hills" - Ashevile, NC  September 25th - 28th

Road Run Overview

Road Run Routes


The Blue Ridge Chapter is honored to be hosting one of several 2016 National Road Runs.  It has long been known that western North Carolina is some of this countries finests motorcycle riding.  Western North Carolina is uniique in that there is high elevation, incredible views, quality roads and favorable temperatures.


Our host city of Asheville, North Carolina has so much to offer.  Asheville is the undisputed "Beer City USA" with approximately 25 breweries within the city limits and many more outside.  We fully intend to capitalize on this by hosting our opening banquet dinner at a large brewery and offering other evening outings certered around the brewing industry.






Asheville boasts a thriving downtown with hundreds of shops and restaurants to choose from.  Much of Asheville's uniqueness is that the shops and restaurants are family businesses and privately owned. No chain stores allowed and this adds to the downtown charm.


The most major attraction to Asheville is the Biltmore House.  Completed in 1895 by George Vanderbilt, the Builtmore House is the largest privately owned home in America.  Some of the ladies in the chapter plan on touring the house during one of the road run days and invite anyone interested in joining them to reach out.


We hope that by choosing Asheville as a host city it will encourage more particpants to bring along wives or girlfriends.  If there ever was a road run where non riders can have as much fun during the day as riders this is it.


Day one of the event will loop through Maggie Valley, NC and visit the Wheels Through Time Museum.  We know many of you have been to Wheels Through Time however this winter Dale is totally revamping the museaum arrainging it into sections with an audio tour.  Whether you have been to the museaum or not it is guranteed to be a new experience.


The chapter certainly hopes you choose this National Road Run.  It is sure to be a good one.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have.



Your local hosts,


Larry & Leslie Offill,  Asheville, NC


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